Lea Albaugh


I am a PhD student at the Carnegie Mellon University Human-Computer Interaction Institute, working with the Morphing Matter Lab and the DevLab, and informally with the Textiles Lab. My previous affiliations include Disney Research, the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, the Recurse Center, and the MAKESHOP at Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.

I keep a sporadically-updated blog and a more-frequently updated Twitter account. My CV is available upon request.

My publications include:

Albaugh, L., Hudson, S., and Yao, L. (2019). Digital Fabrication of Soft Actuated Objects by Machine Knitting. Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM, 2019. (to appear)
Narayanan, V., Albaugh, L., Hodgins, J., Coros, S., & McCann, J. (2018). Automatic machine knitting of 3D meshes. ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 37(3), 35.
McCann, J., Albaugh, L., Narayanan, V., Grow, A., Matusik, W., Mankoff, J., & Hodgins, J. (2016). A compiler for 3D machine knitting. ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 35(4), 49.
Albaugh, L., Grow, A., Liu, C., McCann, J., Smith, G., & Mankoff, J. (2016, May). Threadsteading: Playful Interaction for Textile Fabrication Devices. In Proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 285-288). ACM.

I have given several talks with publicly-available recordings. Videos and transcripts are available at my blog: Strange Loop 2018, on weaving notations; Strange Loop 2016 on languages for industrial knitting; at the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry in 2015 on actuated clothing; and a 10-minute lightning talk at !!Con 2015, also on industrial knitting. There are additionally slides and notes available for my Strange Loop 2014 workshop on Inform 7.

I made this site with Jekyll and Sass, and the code is available at my Github.