Lea Albaugh


An interactive mobile applications for manipulation abstract knits.

Knitting patterns arising from grain space manipulation.

A brioche animation filmstrip.


Six atomic brioche operations.

Composition in the parametric space.

Brioche knitting on a knitting machine.

Work with Scott E. Hudson and Lining Yao

Computational materials have *grains* —- manipulations which are easier or harder with a given process, and modes which arise out of low-level interactions between algorithms, machine control, and raw materials. Opportunities for a tremendous amount of creativity can be found in exploring these grains, but they are often abstract or indirect and mediated by fabrication equipment and on-screen interactions. How might a creator find and explore the “grain” of a computational material? In this work, we propose an approach that we call a “grain space,” which is a computational space encapsulating a material grain: a curated set of aggregate material properties alongside algorithms to orchestrate the low-level fabrication processes needed to produce them. We specify a grain space for computational brioche knitting, use it to guide our production of a set of hybrid digital/physical tools to support quick and playful exploration of this space’s unique design affordances, and reflect on the role of such tools in creative practice.

Published at CHI 2023.