Lea Albaugh


Map. Byzantine Perspective is a work of parsered interactive fiction that was submitted to the 2009 Interactive Fiction Competition.

It took ninth place overall out of twenty-four entered games and tied for third place in the “Miss Congeniality” (authors’ choice) category. It also won the 2009 XYZZY Award for Best Individual Puzzle. More information, including links to reviews and critiques from the wonderful and international interactive fiction community, can be found at its IFWiki page – my personal favorite is Emily Short’s review for Jay Is Games.

Byzantine Perspective was written in Inform 7. You can download its zcode file (playable on any interpreter with Blorb support) here, or play it online via the Parchment interpreter here. The map feelie is recommended to any players who do not explicitly desire a more challenging experience; it can be downloaded here.