Blogging about Hacker School?

Day 9

On Friday, we had some optional job-prep workshopping; I worked adjacent to Polina and Rishi on implementing a stack, a queue, a queue made of stacks, and a min function for a stack, all in Python. All that made me think I should revisit Dishventure, the thrill-packed dishwashing simulator that I once tried to convince Akiva to make. So today I tried to get back into Javascript. I briefly paired with Kate, during which we walked through, among many other past projects, my years-old Hamlet-testing code* (and put it on Github! I can’t possibly ignore it forever now…). We read up on Metaphone, which has been my “next step” for improving that project’s playability for some time now. Kate also showed me around some of the Chrome dev tools for Javascript. I then got a minimal js “game” (that is, mouse input and displaying a moving image) working: mouse-following kitten

*Basically, a trainer for infinite monkeys