Blogging about Hacker School?

Days 11 and 12

Yesterday I left early due to being sick, and today I got in late for the same reason, so I’m counting these as one day of productivity. In the morning yesterday, I got some valuable poking-at-JavaScript done with Manny and had another informative session with Mary and Anna; when I returned today, I continued work on my dishwashing simulator, which an eye toward gracefulness/JSiness of code. I lost a fair chunk of time to an insidious aesthetic bug (protips: if an invalid value is passed to the canvas fill color function, it fails silently; code copied from the internet because who cares about writing a random color generator is likely to be janky) which was eventually solved with collaboration from Mary and Emily. The upshot is that I have a working demonstration of stackable dishes in JS, which is exactly as exciting as it sounds — code’s on Github. dishesss